Easter Egg Greeting Memory Game

Here we are with our Easter game.

Hope you all will enjoy making Easter Greeting cards by playing our game. I am sure that your loved ones will be more exited with this kind of card than just with SMS.

Remember about the spirit of the game and if you have good score tweet it! More scores will be tweeted – more interesting will be to do that! Hope to your support!

I wish you all have a great Easter holidays!


Tweet your score #memoryscore

We have updated our game with game score counter.

Do it faster and with less clicks – you will receive more points. Tweet your score using hash tag #memoryscore and other players will see your score and you will also see the score made by others.

After some time we will make report about all the scores so good luck and try to be the FIRST!

Please share your feedback if you see how we can improve this.



Chocolate Box Memory Cards

Hi there!

We are very happy to announce that our first app Chocolate Box Memory Cards is available in Apple market!

Make your own Valentines day greeting card to your friends by playing easy memory game.

We would be grateful if you will take a part in promoting our first game and share your favorite greeting card in Facebook or Twitter.

Play our game, share your cards and give us feedback.

New backgrounds and chocolates coming soon.

your PonyLAB