We have made ReContact app video

Thanks to Cudars Janis who helped us to make a short promo video for our app ReContact! Hope you will take a look on it. Looking forward to make any other video.

Be welcome to our app page http://www.recontact.co



New app launched – ReContact

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Long time has gone since last post published.

There wasn’t too much to talk about because we were working hard on our daily works and also some projects. One of them was launched in November 27th – iPhone app ReContact is available in AppStore.

ReContact is application that helps you to remember the most important things about your friends, especially about their kids. See more in www.recontact.co.

We want you to try ReContact and share your feedback, does it makes you feel better friend and helps you to make your life easier and feel more organized.

Download ReContact app in iTunes or AppStore.

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