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There has been Chocolate Box Memory Cards game review published  in It is great to see that review is in the main page as the top article. 🙂

So enjoy the moment and check it out!

Link to game review – do not hesitate to leave a comment.





Game reviews request

For game promotion it is very important to have some reviews from third parties. Some sites are doing it for money, some for free.

So here is one website that will do it for free, if we have enough requests. We would appreciate if you could also request it! 🙂

In the bottom there is also place for good comments!

Thank you!

I would also like to thank all those who rated our game and gave us some good feedback. We are already working on next update to make game in shape that you enjoy more.


Chocolate Box Memory Cards Free is available

Hi again!

Finally there is a opportunity to play Chocolate Box Memory Game and send greetings  for free.

We expected to have a free version on the AppStore before Valentines Day, but the app review process took longer than we thought.
You are welcome to download this game on AppStore by clicking on the image.



by PonyLAB

Update is out!

Hi there!

Update for our Chocolate Box Memory Cards has finally come out! We were expecting this to come out before Valentines day, but better now than never 🙂

“Whats new?” you might ask…

I`ll tell you. There are:

  • new backgrounds
  • new chocolates
  • some bugs fixed

If someone has found any bugs or have ideas of improvements , please let us know by leaving comment or sending us e-mail  to .

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to be the first to get all news about our progress!

And check out our promo video on youtube:


by PonyLAB

Summary of our first game after Valentines Day

This is short insight of game performance of the first days:

It didn`t turn out as we expected, but we are still happy, that our first game is in AppStore and people, who bought it, were satisfied. We are very thankful to those friends who supported our first game launch, purchased it and rated in AppStore.

Few things that we are proud of:

  • Our game was one of the top paid apps in AppStore (in Latvia) on February14th
  • It is easy to find us in AppStore – if you type “memory cards” we are the first ones

Our updates are coming soon, so stay tuned and you will be the first who will get known about updates and free game launch.


Chocolate Box Memory Cards

Hi there!

We are very happy to announce that our first app Chocolate Box Memory Cards is available in Apple market!

Make your own Valentines day greeting card to your friends by playing easy memory game.

We would be grateful if you will take a part in promoting our first game and share your favorite greeting card in Facebook or Twitter.

Play our game, share your cards and give us feedback.

New backgrounds and chocolates coming soon.

your PonyLAB