Working for our first game

We are working hard to develop our first game. It is frustrating because we don’t know does anyone will download/play it and will you like it. It is very important to have good quality, but with limited experience it is very challenging.


At the same time we are developing our blog based webpage and thinking about game promotion – how to let you know that probably you like the game. You will never know before you try it!


There is full internet with various blogs, tutorials and forums. They are very useful. As a thankfulness I will add some of links in PonyLAB blog when I will learn how to do this.


Our first game will be with goal to increase the Christmas spirit.


I would like to dedicate it to my little 1 year old daughter Justine. I hope she will like this!


Always yours



3 responses to “Working for our first game

    • The first game development is the journey that we still are living in! 🙂

      I will let you know when the first game will be in the market!

      Now you are welcome to be as Facebook follower in the very first list 😀
      Currently I see there is just some (8 who like) of the “short list” – soon it will be crowded! 😀

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