Christmas game development terminated

There are 6 days left till the Christmas Eve and we have plenty things to do for programmer and also testing on real phones would be recommended.

One of our values in game development is QUALITY and we don’t see any chance to deliver qualitative game before Christmas. We have agreed that it is not worth hard working in Christmas time and launch the game after Christmas when nobody will play it.

We will put our great ideas in shelf and come back next year with this game! ūüôā

Now we are starting to think and work on our next game and will try to develop it both for Android and Apple markets. We will let you know how we are succeeding.

Wish you all enjoy Christmass time and spend more time with your families and friends!



First game draft on my mobile

Remaining days till the Christmas are counting down one by one. We have finally developed game engine and installed first draft version on our mobiles. This is “so draft version” so I will not share any print screens right now and will let you to wait for few days.

It seems that we will not be able develop iPhone version of the game till the Christmas. We will try to publish our game somewhere in web so everyone can check it out and enjoy it.


Working for our first game

We are working hard to develop our first game. It is¬†frustrating¬†because we¬†don’t¬†know does¬†anyone¬†will¬†download/play it and will you like it. It is very important to have good quality, but with limited experience it is very challenging.


At the same time we are developing our blog based webpage and thinking about game promotion Рhow to let you know that probably you like the game. You will never know before you try it!


There is full internet with various blogs, tutorials and forums. They are very useful. As a thankfulness I will add some of links in PonyLAB blog when I will learn how to do this.


Our first game will be with goal to increase the Christmas spirit.


I would like to dedicate it to my little 1 year old daughter Justine. I hope she will like this!


Always yours